Armored Wire Cable Price

Armored Wire Cable Price

In our daily life, armored wire and industrial cable are playing a key role and they could even be called lifesavers of our modern lives

Armored Wire Cable

As the name suggests, armored cables have added protective armor that helps protect the cable cores

This is important because cables can be accidentally damaged by mechanical stress or impact

To summarize, armored cables are often used when you have to bury cables directly underground, in outdoor installations, or in tunnels

There may be situations where the ground is reopened, and in this connection, a shovel or mechanical excavator may accidentally hit a buried cable

In this case, the armor will help protect the cable conductor core from being easily exposed and prevent electric shock and interruption of the power supply

 Armored Wire Cable Price

Armored Wire Cable Features

If a single-conductor cable is paired with steel wire armour, a magnetic field is generated when current flows – the entire cable becomes a large magnet

The greater the current, the greater the magnetic field


Protect the Cable Cores

Steel and Aluminum

Ideal for 
Use in TP&N Three-Phase and Earth Systems

Per Meter 

Magnetic fields induce currents (eddy currents) in the steel, which can lead to overheating and severe derating of the cable

Aluminum does not cause this problem due to its non-magnetic properties

But once we change the single-core wire to two or more cores, it is safe to return to the galvanized steel wire armoring, since the magnetic field created in this multi-core cable is canceled by the magnetic field of the other core wire, prevent the magnetic flux

 Armored Wire Cable Price

Buy Armored Wire Cable

Armored electrical cables are essentially reinforced cables

 It’s basically stronger than regular power cables

 Common belief holds that only Steel Wire Armored (SWA) cables are protected by armor

 But contrary to common thought, armored cables come in a number of different types

 Cables can be protected by either aluminum or steel wire armor

 For single-phase circuits that require earth connections, three-core steel wire armored cable is the most common choice

 Steel-armored four-core cable is ideal for use in TP&N three-phase and earth systems

 Armored Wire Cable Price

Armored Wire Cable Price + Buy and Sell

When using armored cables, it is important to provide adequate support so that the gland termination does not bear the full force of the cable

The risk of wires breaking under the strain of their own weight can be reduced by giving them a sturdy base to rest on

Because of the prevalence of armored wires terminated in housings, this is becoming increasingly important

The price is between $1 to $27 per meter

Since connections of this type must offer mechanical robustness and electrical continuity, it is essential to use the right armored cable gland to terminate the armoring

The price of the armored cable is broken out per the meter on our website

In some cases, the cut armor cable quantity may be adjusted by our warehouse personnel to better suit your purchase

For example, if you require 10 meters of armored cable, you may simply increase the quantity to 10 and add the cable to your shopping cart

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 Armored Wire Cable Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Armored Wire Cable

1: So, why do we need armored cable anyway?
Armor protects the cable from being pinched or damaged

2: How long do you expect armored cables to last?
The cable lifetime in this investigation is predicted to be 7–30 years at rated working temperatures of 95–105 °C

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