Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

Ethernet cables are a common type of network cable used in wired networks and one of products that Lance company produces

 Ethernet Cable in Nepal

Ethernet cables connect devices such as PCs, routers, and switches within a local area network

These physical cables are limited by length and durability

 If the network cable is too long or of poor quality, it will not be able to carry a good network signal

 These limitations are one of the reasons why there are different types of Ethernet cables that are optimized to perform certain tasks in specific situations

Ethernet cables look like traditional telephone cables but are larger and have more wires

 Both cables have similar shapes and connectors, but the Ethernet cable has eight wires, and the phone cord has four

 The Ethernet cable connector is also larger

 Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

Ethernet Cable Features in Nepal

Ethernet cables come in many different colors, but telephone cables are usually gray

The Ethernet cable connects to an Ethernet port that is larger than the telephone cable port

 The Ethernet port on the computer is accessible via the Ethernet card on the motherboard


Used for
 PCs, Routers and Switches

Limited by
Length and Durability

Maximum length 
328 ft

Connected to
T568A or T568B

 This port is usually located on the back of a desktop computer or on the side of a laptop

Things to consider when buying
A single Ethernet cable has a maximum distance capability, which means that the cable has an upper limit before signal loss (called attenuation) occurs

 This problem occurs because the resistance of long cables affects performance

The ends of the cable must be close enough to receive the signal quickly and away from external electrical interference to avoid interruptions

 However, this precaution does not limit the size of the network, since hardware such as routers or hubs can connect multiple Ethernet cables to the same network

 Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

Buy Ethernet Cable in Nepal

This distance between two devices is called the network diameter

The maximum length of CAT5 cable is 100 m (328 ft) before attenuation occurs

 CAT6 can reach 700 feet

 Ethernet cables can be longer, but can suffer from signal loss, especially if they are near large appliances

Different types of RJ-45 connectors serve different purposes

 A type designed for use with stranded cable is not compatible with solid cables

 Other types of RJ-45 connectors can be used with twisted and solid cables

Alternatives to Ethernet cables for computer networks
Wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have replaced Ethernet in many home and business networks

 Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal + Buy and Sell

 Most tablets and other mobile devices do not have network ports

These wireless technologies are useful if the cable runs outdoors or in places with a high risk of wire damage

Most Ethernet cables are “straight through” (pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, and so on)

 In some cases, the “interleaved” form (receive-to-send and send-to-receive) may still be required

Ethernet cables can be connected to either T568A or T568B termination standards at both ends of the cable

 Since these standards differ only in that they switch the positions of the two pairs of wires used for transmitting and receiving, a cable with T568A wires on one end and T568B wires on the other end creates a crossover cable

These cables are a little expensive and the price range is between $16 and $20

If you want to know more specification about this product, you can contact us

 Ethernet Cable Price in Nepal

The Answer to Two Questions About Ethernet Cable

1: Does Ethernet cable have any special features?
Ethernet cable has eight wires

2: What is network diameter?
This distance between two devices is called the network diameter

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