Great Copper Wire Electrical Price List

For those who are engaged in selling copper wire and want to introduce different types of this product to their foreign customers, the best large electric copper wire is available with its price list, and buyers can contact the manufacturer of this product for this price list and see the copper wire electrical so they can make an easier decision about buying this product

Great Copper Wire Electrical Price List

Copper Wire Electrical Characteristics

Copper Wire Electrical Characteristics Copper wires generally have two components, copper metal, which is in the form of strands in the middle of the wire, also known as a conductor and an insulating coating that protects the conductor and is covered with PVC insulation to prevent outflow. Different types of copper wires are produced in the form of coated, uncoated and lacquered and these types of wires have different specifications and applications that we intend to explain in this post.

unique copper wire electrical are produced in standard cross sections these wires are produced and supplied with a nominal voltage of 300/500 volts for cross-sections of 0.5, 0.75 and 1 mm2 and a nominal voltage of 450/750 V for cross-sections of more than 1 mm 2.

Copper wire is suitable for installation inside electrical appliances, lighting systems and the like also, copper spray wires are used in the wiring of buildings and semi-spray and wire wires are used in the wiring of electrical panels for easier forming and copper wire electrical resistance is very low.

In general, in wiring, copper wire is superior to aluminum wire because aluminum wire expands longitudinally due to increasing temperature, which increases the resistance of aluminum to current; Hard aerial copper wires are also used in low and medium pressure transmission lines. These wires are produced on a variety of wooden and metal pulleys continuously and without welding.

Explanation of Why Copper Is a Good Conductor of Electricity

Explanation of Why Copper Is a Good Conductor of Electricity A wide range is mentioned for the use of copper cable, and this can be related to the high capacity of copper against high temperatures and its powerful electrical transmission; hence, it is less an industry that has not used it in the form of coatings for its effective sectors. More generally, the use of copper cable can be considered in the transportation industry, the industry of manufacturing electrical and electronic products, home appliances and finally the manufacture of numerous industrial supplies and equipment.

Everyone knows that aluminum has a higher electrical resistance than copper and copper wire electrical field is better, but this causes the aluminum cable to become brittle and oxidize faster; for this reason, they claim that copper cable is less damaged and shows better resistance from contact with other metals. Finally, the most obvious difference between copper cable is the conductivity of the two, which can still be seen by looking at copper in this property is more powerful than all other metals such as aluminum and with good electrical conductivity is the leader of all metals.

Copper metal is definitely the best option electrically, because of its high electrical conductivity and excellent physical and mechanical properties, which have been used for many years for wire conductors and power cables.

  • Higher electrical conductivity and higher conductivity.
  • Its energy consumption is lower, due to lower copper resistance.
  • Easier installation.
  • Tolerance of more stresses and no fractures due to bending and rotation.
  • Higher elastic indices of copper.
  • Higher cable load capacity.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Higher flexibility

Copper Wire Electrical Manufacturer

Copper Wire Electrical Manufacturer The manufacturer of copper wire provides the best types of this wire, which has copper with excellent conductivity and high purity, and those who want to supply this copper, especially for export, can contact the best manufacturer in connection with this manufacturer. This manufacturer has considered the lowest price for this product so that buyers can get a better profit from the trade of this copper wire and the top exporter of this Iranian product to other countries.

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