Perfect Craft Wire to Produce

Craft wire while used to make jewelry with colored fillers, is also very practical. You can make completely delicate and changeable jewelry. You can also make the shapes you can think of with this type of wire. Due to all this, today, the production of this type of wire has flourished and this unique product has many applicants.

 Perfect Craft Wire to Produce

Different Uses of Craft Wires

Different Uses of Craft Wires Flat aluminum wire craft wire for making jewelry is made of high quality aluminum material, with metallic luster, abrasion resistance and not easy to break. As a raw material for handicrafts, it bends easily and can be easily folded the way you want to make it, such as making roses, various jewelry lines, and so on. Competing with similar products, we are confident that Flat Aluminum Wire Craft will stand out from the competition due to the high quality and reasonable price of our products. Our product is well produced craft wire hobbycraftthrough our various processes, the surface is smooth and shiny, and after polishing, it has no holes and does not damage your hands. Customers can use it with confidence. Types: Different colored sand thicknesses for your options. Size: 1.0X5mm now. Any custom size is applicable. Material: aluminum. Package: OPP bag with paper card or plastic roll with colored label. Application: Flat aluminum wire is well used for making roses due to its width! While most of it is used to make jewelry with colored fillers! Completely delicate and changeable jewelry that you can make! You can have the shapes you want, you can have the colors you want, very cool!

Do Wire Rings Rust?

Do Wire Rings Rust? Some “copper” and “copper industries” may be known only by the name of Kerman province, the center of the country’s copper mines, but as the statistics say; More than half of Iran’s copper wire needs are produced here in Gilan, a province that does not even have a copper mine. Officials say: Although the traces of the third most widely used metal in the world, copper, have been seen since the 1950s with the opening of Gilan wire and cable factory, Simco, but the production of copper wire in Gilan, which is the parent industry of electrical industries including wire and cable It has a short life and has been started in this province since 1994. This young child of Iran’s copper industry, despite being only 5 years old, was able to register the highest production in the country in a 14-hectare production unit, and by supplying most of the raw materials for downstream industries, in these difficult days of sanctions, caused Let the arrow of sanctions hit the rock. The manager of Gil Rad Shomal factory, the largest copper wire production unit in the country, says: This factory was set up in Rasht with 25 million Euros of foreign exchange investment and 200 billion Tomans of Rial investment. Majid Maghami added: This factory is one of the 3 major producers of copper wire in the country and the largest production unit of copper wire in Iran; There are 2 other factories producing copper wire in Kerman and Kashan.

Magnificent Craft Wire Suppliers

Magnificent Craft Wire Suppliers The director of the copper wire production plant, Gil Rad, says: “This production unit has registered the highest amount of copper wire production in its name in the last 2 years, and last year it produced and marketed 55,000 tons of copper wire.” The managing director of Messi Gil Rad Gozari wire production factory also craft wire mesh has the job of creating this factory and stating that 175 people are currently working in this production unit, he added: “Since this factory is equipped with machines with the latest technology in the world, most of the work is done by machine.” So, despite the high volume of production, we have employed less manpower, but instead the production of this factory has created indirect jobs for 250 people in different sectors.

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