Phenomenal 2 Core Wire 2.5 MM Sellers

It should be noted that the sellers of 2 core wire 2.5 mm are the top manufacturers in the country that produce this product as standard. Purchasing all kinds of electrical wires is possible for buyers in bulk and at a reasonable price through this site, which produces all kinds of cables and wires. This sales center, due to its high sales in the market has been able to attract many customers. If this is your first time shopping online, you need to know that you will become a regular customer because all products are healthy and of high quality.

Phenomenal 2 Core Wire 2.5 MM Sellers

2 Core Wire 2.5 MM for Electric Gates

2 Core Wire 2.5 MM for Electric Gates The unique 2 core wire 2.5 mm has PVC insulation and has been widely used due to its excellent electrical properties, short circuit resistance, long life, easy installation, installation and maintenance.

Today, 2 core wire 2.5 mm uses is not only for electrical gates but also to protect alarm wiring, public address systems, intercoms, telephone exchanges, speakers, instrumentation, controls and other low-voltage circuits that have limited power. The most basic specifications of the top 2 core wire 2.5 mm are following:

  1. This cable is produced according to BS6500 standard, IEC60227: 1993, VDE 0281
  2. BS6360 Class 5, solid or filament copper conductor
  3. BS7655 TI 1 PVC insulation
  4. PVC Sheathed, paint available

This wire is also suitable for household lighting and household electrical equipment, internal wiring of electrical equipment, electronic equipment and automation equipment.

2 Core Wire 2.5 MM vs 2 Core Wire 1.5 MM

 2 Core Wire 2.5 MM vs 2 Core Wire 1.5 MM Many friends ask about the capacity of electrical wires to conduct current and want to know that, for example, a 2.5 mm dual-core wire can pass several amps of current versus a 1.5 mm dual-core wire. In the following, we will examine the answer to this question.

The standard maximum electrical resistance for a 1.5 mm wire is 13.3 ohms per kilometer. This means that the measured number should not be more than 13.3 if the resistance is high, it means that our wire or the diameter of its strands is small or the number of strands is small or the copper used is not of good quality and does not have good electrical conductivity and has It is an impurity.

The 2.5 mm wire has 50 strands of 0.25 mm wire and its insulation thickness is 0.8 mm. The average diameter of the wire is 3.7 mm and the allowable current of the wire is 25 amps at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in the open environment and for single-strand use.

But usually 1.5 with a number of strings of 29 or 30 or 31 strings with diameters of 0.237 or 0.235 or 0.232 are produced. Of course, you should also make sure that the wires are clean, as they may be coated with copper-plated metal, such as tin.

Unique 2 Core Wire 2.5 MM Vendors

Unique 2 Core Wire 2.5 MM Vendors Unique sellers of 2.5 mm 2 core wire offer this product in bulk and at a reasonable price. Since these types of wires are practical and popular, vendors have been selling in person and online in recent years to support and satisfy customers.

Today, most people have access to the Internet and can choose and order the best power cords wherever they are in the country without visiting in person and spending a lot of time. In this way, the variety of products offered is more than sales. Therefore, the customer has more power of choice. In addition, buying and selling is done directly and the announced prices are less than the free market rate. By choosing the online method, the buyer can both experience affordable shopping and waste less time.

The selling price of different types of wires and cables is determined based on various factors, so you can inquire about the price of this product from this site. Buyers can make their bulk purchase from reputable sales sites such as this site which is also known as one of the top manufacturers in Iran with a production price that is very reasonable and affordable.

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