Priority Wire and Cable Houston Las Vegas

Priority Wire & Cable is a modern manufacturer that has the most sales under the Priority brand. They also complement their products with special wire and cable products sold under generic or other industry-leading brands.

This allows us to offer a level of product and service that is unmatched by other factories or industry brokers. Priority Wire & Cable has a complete product line that is designed to meet the needs of today’s business applications such as: offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc.

Aluminum conductor wires and cables

Copper core wire and cable

Flexible duct

Land products

Lighting products

Houston Wire & Cable, a subsidiary of Omni Cable, founded in 1975, is one of the largest distributors of wire, cable, and related services in the US industrial distribution market. With strategic locations across the United States, we offer single-source solutions.

Houston Wire & Cable is committed to providing value to its customers by providing a high level of industry experience, exceptional customer service, and a large inventory of high-quality goods.

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Priority Wire and Cable

Priority Wire & Cable is a modern product whose wholesaler is Priority branded products. We also complement our offerings with specialty wire and cable products sold publicly or under other industry brands.

This allows us to offer a level of product and service unmatched by other factories or industry brokers. Priority Wire & Cable sells only to wholesale distributors and offers same-day shipping from our seventeen (17) distribution centers in North America, sixteen (16) distribution centers in the United States, and one distribution center in Toronto.

With over 2.4 million square feet of warehouse space, we have industry-leading loading rates and next-day delivery to most customers. If you are an existing customer, thank your business for helping us become the fastest-growing wire and cable supplier in the industry.

If you are a potential customer, we hope you will give us a chance to demonstrate why we are growing so fast. If you are an end-user or contractor, Priority Wire & Cable hopes you will enjoy our product names.

The company’s main product lines are:

Aluminum Construction Line:

  • SER
  • SEU
  • Full THHN and XHHW colors
  • Take advantage of
  • MC cable
  • Mobile home feeders

Priority Wire and Cable

Copper MC cable:

  • (12-02 (Combination
  • 14 to 1 AWG
  • Special jacket and PVC
  • HCF – Hospital Nursing Facility (green bar)


  • 600V UD Aluminum
  • Aluminum services fell
  • Aluminum tie
  • Almond

Special wire:

  • Medium pressure copper aluminum
  • Tray cable
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Frequency converter
  • Cable X
  • Know to be equal
  • Special MC cable with and without PVC jacket
  • Bare and tinned copper
  • High-temperature cable
  • Thermocouples
  • Trace Line
  • Air Guard®
  • Lifeline®

Priority Wire & Cable is privately owned by Ken Hamilton and Jim Newman, who founded the company in 1993. There’s no need to deal with company overhead or team hierarchies, we’re very flexible and client-oriented, so if you need something special, just ask.

Priority Wire & Cable has grown to over 250 employees, including over 50 Inside Sales Wire experts and over 60 dealers led by his management team.

Priority Wire and Cable Houston

Priority Wire & Cable is a leading supplier of electrical, electronic, and wire and cable products with distribution centers in the United States and Toronto, Canada. PWC has 15 warehouses and over 1.8 million square feet of inventory with over $130,000,000 in inventory.

If you receive your order before 15:00 local time, Priority Wire & Cable will not offer any minimum order and will ship the same day.

Products include portable wire, aluminum construction wire (SEU, SER, XHHW, THHN, USE), photovoltaic cables for solar farms, medium voltage cables, fire alarms, and security, thermostats, handle cables, coaxial cables, blades, Cable ACSR, etc. Power, AAC, AAAC, 600V URD, overhead. We also offer value-added services such as cut-to-length, parallelism, eye pulls, stripes, and kites.

For more than 40 years, Houston Wire & Cable (HWC) has been a premier distributor of industrial cable and wire, supplying power distributors across the United States. Our experienced staff has the technical expertise, industry and application knowledge, and product information to help your staff select the best wire and cable from our vast inventory. Our industrial cable products are designed to meet the harsh and demanding needs of industrial environments.
Priority Wire and Cable Houston

These products are designed for maximum protection and can operate continuously under corrosive conditions, variable temperatures, and high flow rates. HWC’s multi-million-dollar inventory features include products from leading manufacturers of electrical and mechanical wire and cable industries. His goal is to provide customers with the right product at the right place and at the right time.

Priority Wire & Cable, Inc. An employer has equal opportunities, including women, minorities, veterans, people with disabilities, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, origin, and genetic information.

If a client is a disabled person who needs housing, or you have trouble applying for a job using his or her website, please call 501-372-0019 Employment. This contact information is only used to apply for residency and cannot be used to check the status of an application.

At Priority Wire & Cable, we know that our people are the biggest asset of our business. We believe that a company is only as good as its people. We believe that when people feel respected and involved, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful both individually and as a team.

Ultra-high strength copper-plated steel (CCS) tracker wire for directional drilling/drilling or similar applications where ultra-high strength is required. The wires are made of ultra-strong copper conductors with high-strength, high-molecular-weight polyethylene insulation for excellent resistance to abrasion, pressure, chemicals, oil, and moisture.

This wire is suitable for direct burial or uses with plastic pipes to help identify and track underground lines of gas, water, sewage, and telecommunication systems. Temperatures range from -25 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Houston Wire & Cable (HWC) is a leading distributor of commercial and residential wire and cable. With HWC’s strategically rich inventory in 13 distribution centers in the U.S., HWC can provide you with the commercial and residential cable customers needs you to need.

His experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you select products with standard same-day shipping, 99.9% on-time delivery, and 99.9% order accuracy. Continuing urgent and urgent orders for your projects is his specialty. We save it so you don’t have to.

Priority Wire and Cable Las Vegas

Priority Wire & Cable, unique in wire and cable, has become one of the largest suppliers of wire, cable, and grounding products in the United States and Canada. It was set up by two people with factory, distribution, and agency experience who wanted to make a difference.

What they lost in 1993 was fast service to help distributors get what they needed from inventory when needed, instead of the long hours a pure factory has a long history. Today Priority is a modem manufacturer and most of our sales are Priority branded products.

We also supply our products with specialized or industrial wire and cable products that are sold under generic or other leading brands in the industry. The company offers only to wholesalers and offers numerous value-added administrations to our clients.

Wires and cables are a very competitive product line, posing commodity or metal hazards to distributors, and are probably the lowest product group they sell. Price is important because it typically accounts for 20 to 30 percent of a distributor’s sales, but the supplier’s service and ability to be reliable is the key to a wire and cable distributor’s profitability.

This is where Priority becomes a valuable distribution partner. Our customers can rely on a stable supply. This means that they do not have to store much inventory and free up space. They also receive better turnover, which reduces the risk of changes in inventory costs.

Priority Wire and Cable Las Vegas

It prioritizes competitive prices, but again, this is not a good supplier. We offer operational excellence, and our customers save on costs because their profits are not lost on multiple receipts, material handling, expediting, and billing.

These hidden costs can significantly reduce profitability. We understand this and make it easy for us to do business. We have a team of experienced in-house salespeople, and distributors can call or email directly for a direct quote or response. We also have direct area managers and product specialists as well as local production representatives across the country.

The company’s key strengths lie in the breadth of products and inventory stored in all 16 U.S. warehouses strategically located across the country, as well as one warehouse outside Toronto, Canada. We currently have over 2.4 million square feet of storage space and over $200 million in inventory. This enables us to offer a level of product and service unmatched by other factories, dealers, or industry brokers.

We usually ship in full the same day and the next day via a shared carrier. Because we stock the full range of all hundreds of wires and cable product categories, we don’t have to ship products from different sites. Another advantage of local stock is the minimal chance of cross-linking and damage.

Ken Hamilton Priority Wire and Cable

Founded in 1993, Ken Hamilton, CEO of Priority Wire & Cable, is a manufacturing company with approximately 600 employees. They are part of the C-Suite executive team, and their management level is C-Level. Ken now lives in Mississauga, Canada.

We are privately owned by Ken Hamilton and Jim Newman, who founded the company in 1993. Without corporate or multi-layered overhead teams, we are very flexible, and customer-focused, so just ask if you need something specific. Priority Wire & Cable has grown to more than 200 employees, including more than 45 in-house sales professionals and more than 60 representative offices led by our management team.

Ken Hamilton Priority Wire and Cable

Provides power distributors with high-performance communication and telecommunication cables and wires, enabling distributors to provide leading communication cables to their customers. We store large quantities of wires and communication cables, including underground communication cables, at 13 distribution centers throughout the United States.

Communication cables are cables used to send information signals, the most common of which are coaxial, optical fiber, data and Ethernet, and twisted pair. His experienced and knowledgeable staff can work with the customer to select the best wires and cables for the customer’s request. They are technically trained, experts in communication wires and cables, and have in-depth knowledge of our product line to help you meet your customers’ needs.

Priority Wire and Cable Urd

Triplex 8000 Series Aluminum Conductors

Volt URD600

Conductor temperature 90°C, ambient temperature 20°C. RHO 90. 100% load factor for 3-wire 3-core, zero

It only carries an unbalanced load. Opacity is not available for NEC applications.

Application: The 8000 Series 600V Aluminum URD Cable is designed for use in secondary distribution circuits, installed in canal or direct burial applications where greater flexibility is required. The conductor is RHHW-2 or USE-2. The maximum operating temperature in wet and dry locations should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.

The voltage is 600 volts. As an option, the cable can already be pulled into the channel.

Priority Wire and Cable Urd

Conductors: 8000 Series 8000 Series Aluminum URD Cables feature concentric or conductive AA-8000 Series compact aluminum conductors. The conductors are connected by cables and the surface is printed for identification. The neutral conductor is marked with a yellow band and continuous film.

Insulation: The 8000 series aluminum 600V URD cable has black cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation.


UL 44 for Type RHW-2

UL 854 for USE-2 Type

ASTM B-230   ASTM B-231

ASTM B-609   ASTM B-901

ICEA S-105-692

Federal Specification J-C-30B

Priority Wire and Cable Show

XHHW wire overview

XHHW is an acronym for “XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) High Heat and Water Resistance”. XHHW is a wire and cable for a specific insulation material, temperature class, and service conditions (suitable for wet places).

XHHW insulated wires are commonly used in AC power distribution systems in commercial, organizational, and industrial buildings and facilities with voltage levels (potential difference or electromotor power) typically between 110-600 volts. This type of insulation is used for solid or filament copper and aluminum conductors depending on the size.

According to Standard 44 Laboratory Underwriters (UL), XHHW insulation is suitable for dry areas up to 90 ° C (194 ° F) or wet areas up to 75 ° C (167 ° F).

XHHW-2 insulation is like XHHW and is suitable for use in dry or humid environments up to 90 ° C (194 ° F).

Priority Wire and Cable Show

Electrical conductor insulation XHHW / XHHW-2 is controlled by the following industry standards:

  • UL 44
  • CSA c22.2. Issue 38
  • ASTM-B3
  • ASTM-B8
  • ASTM-B800
  • ASTM-B801
  • NFPA 70-2008 (NEC code)

United States Federal Code J-C 30B

  • NEMA WC70 / ICEA S-95-658

Residential applications in the 21st century have expanded significantly beyond just supplying power to sockets alone. Priority Wire & Cable has a complete set of products that offer reliability in the following applications: Power, Lighting, Data, Sound and Security, Security, etc.

Aluminum conductor wires and cables

Copper core wire and cable

Flexible duct

Land products

Lighting products



All information mentioned above is provided to the buyer who is interested to know about wire and cable products and through our commitment to the highest standards, safety, and we create an environment that promotes loyalty and innovation.


Appreciating our past, we will always serve our export with pride and honesty.

By investing in our people, with their families in mind, we are constantly improving our products and processes to exceed every customer’s expectation.


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