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The India Wire and Cable Market report comprehensively covers the market by voltage, installation, product, material, end user, and regions such as central, western, southern, and eastern. The Indian Wire and Cable Market Outlook report provides an unbiased and accurate analysis of the current trends, high growth opportunities/sectors and market stimuli of the Indian Wire and Cable market which can help the stakeholders in formulating their own market strategies. Designed and adapted to current conditions. and future market dynamics

Overview of Indian Wire and Cable Market

The wire and cable market in India will grow due to the rapid growth of government investment in infrastructure development projects. The development of smart cities in the country and the increase in home electronics will increase the demand for wire and cable in the Indian market. The development of the manufacturing industry as part of the Indian Manufacturing Initiative will lead to the growth of the wire and cable market over the forecast period. Market stalls due to widespread COVID-19 outbreak

The publisher monitored the wire and cable market in India, which is expected to grow by USD 1.65 billion between 2021 and 2025, at a CAGR of around 4% during the forecast period. India Wire and Cable Market report provides a comprehensive analysis of market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers and challenges, and vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors.

This report provides the latest analytical report on the current India market scenario, the latest trends and stimuli, and the overall market environment. The market is driven by growth in renewable energy generation in India, expansion and modernization of transmission and distribution infrastructure in India and increasing investments in metros. Furthermore, the growth of renewable energy generation in India is expected to propel the market growth.

Wire and Cable India

Cable and Wire Exhibition 2022 (CWF 2022) provides a great opportunity for industry activists from all wires and cables to come together to create a stage to showcase important equipment for the wire and cable industry. About 200 companies participated in the exhibition.

CWF 2022’s two-day technical conference and conference The CEO presented high-voltage discussions at his Kabul Conference and Technical Conference, which addressed numerous issues related to the wire and cable industry. In addition, the event has an innovation booth that showcases key companies in the industry including KEI, LS Cable, Apar Industries, Paramount Communications, Birla Cables, Cords Cables, and other new and future products.

The Cable and Wire Exhibition, organized by Tulip 3P Media Private Limited, announced the change of the time of the 4th International Exhibition and Conference of the Wire and Cable Industry.

Wire and Cable India

India’s leading trade fair for the wire and cable industry has been postponed from its original date of October 2021 to March 1, 2022, to facilitate all stakeholders and ensure that the event takes place at a time of industry optimism. This allows visitors and exhibitors to best serve their business goals. ASSOCHAM, the United Chamber of Commerce in India, has joined forces as one of the organizers of the event. This cooperation will be more valuable for the wire and cable industry.

The infrastructure sector has become an area of ​​concern for the Indian government. India plans to spend $ 1.4 trillion on infrastructure in 2019-23 to achieve sustainable development in the country. The government recommends investing in rupees. 50,000,000 million ($ 750 billion) for rail infrastructure in 2018-30. This infrastructure construction will be in great demand for the Indian wire and cable industry.

Cable & Wire Expo 2022 will be held in accordance with government health and safety standards, according to recent announcements and talks with venue officials. We have created an accurate set of advanced measures to provide the highest level of health and safety at our events, allowing everyone to participate confidently and confidently in a safe and controlled environment.

 Wire and Cable industry Analysis India pdf

Global Wires India’s long-term strategy is a strong presence in the automotive and infrastructure sectors with a wide range of products. ”

Global Wires India (GWI), part of Tata Steel, is one of the largest wire manufacturers in the world with an annual production capacity of 670,000 tons. Founded in 1958 as a special steel company. Ltd., GWI starts its business with galvanized lines. GWI has come a long way from a Gogte Steel Amalgamation company in 1979 to become a subsidiary of Tata Steel and then a division of Tata Steel in 2002.

 Wire and Cable industry Analysis India pdf

In line with Tata Steel’s vision and values, Global Wires India is committed to strengthening its industrial base. Anurag Pandey, Managing Director of Global Wires India-Tata Steel, spoke to Wire & Cable India Magazine about the company’s new productivity gains, performance, and improvements.

Indian Wires and Cables: Tata Veyron, a subsidiary of the Tata Group with a global presence and more than 60 years of experience, is one of the fastest growing steel wire manufacturers; Please explain that Tata Veyron is building a home ecosystem in the domestic steel wire industry. Role in.

Annual review of the wire and cable industry

WCI: Given the company’s widespread presence in the global market, how do you envision the next steps to further expand its operational and commercial presence while increasing its market share in the wine industry?

Annual review of the wire and cable industry

AP: There are new types of players on the market right now, and to differentiate ourselves, we need to focus on product innovation. To respond to the end customer, we focus on providing solutions instead of products. Likewise, we create a product portfolio for services and solutions.

Wire and Cable industry Market Share India

The wireline and cable market in India is expected to grow over the next six years, supported by the country’s growing telecom sector. The rising number of internet users due to the rapid growth in internet penetration in recent years is one of the positive factors for the growth of the wire and cable market in India.

On the other hand, telecom operators mainly spend their funds on the integration of telecom towers in rural areas, and all this is possible with the required resources, so the use of wires and cables in the telecom industry is increasing. It is expected to drive the growth of the Indian wire and cable market in the coming years by ensuring better signals through a stationary power supply.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred entire populations to work online, leading to increased demand for connectivity and better signaling for efficient operations, which is expected to spur a huge surge in better connectivity and better data channel integration need.

Wire and Cable industry Market Share India

Wire and cable are in high demand and will benefit the Indian wire and cable market in the coming years. According to 6Wresearch, the compound annual growth rate of the Indian wire and cable market size from 2020 to 2026 is 6.1%. The market will decline in 2020 due to the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, but it will improve after 2020.

The low-voltage market dominates the market in Kabul, India, owing to rapid urbanization and increasing demand for reliable power supply, which has encouraged crop growth in the industries. The medium voltage industry is expected to witness a significant growth in revenue share owing to its application in the oil and gas industry.

Wire and Cable India 2022

The 4th Cable and Wire Exhibition offers the best opportunity to network and market new technologies and innovations in the wire and cable industry.

The Cable & Wire Expo 2022, held under strict COVID-19 safety measures, has given the industry a much-needed boost at a time when such a platform is eagerly sought. The two-day Conclave & Technical CEO Conference at CWF 2022 witnessed high voltage discussions addressing myriad issues related to the wire and cable industry.

Innovation booth

Additionally, the event features an innovation booth featuring top companies from the industry such as APAR Industries Ltd., LS Cable & System Ltd., KEI Industries Ltd., Paramount Communications Ltd., Birla Cable Ltd., Cords Cable Industries Ltd. and more. showcased their new and future products. The innovation booth, designed as the focal point of the exhibition, became the ideal place to facilitate the exchange of ideas and provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase their innovations and technologies.

Innovation booth

Kai Industries Ltd. has invested wisely in the right capabilities and has comprehensively expanded its product range through continuous innovation over the past 50 years. The company has witnessed the technological advancement of high-voltage cables in the wire and cable industry, producing and implementing 400 kV cables and other high-voltage category cables for underground transmission. KEI has also glazed on many 220 kV and 400 kV projects with copper conductors. All these 400 kV cables are used for import substitution. India wire and Cable industry

India wire and cable Industry

BRILLIANT TECHNOLOGY is a famous manufacturer,

Supplier and exporter of wiring machines, string machines, sorting machines, extruders, cabling machines, and textile machines, located in Suzhou, 30 minutes by express train to Shanghai.

BRILLIANT TECHNOLOGY has been working in the field of wire and cable production machines, textile machines, and pipe bending machines for more than 20 years since 2001 and offers key cable machine projects that meet European standards for more than 70 years. The country is China.

Welcoming customers from all over the world, creating a better future, sincere cooperation, and win-win.

Company advantage,

  1. 1. High-quality guarantee

This company is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in machine building and all machines work before loading.

  1. 2. Turnkey service

Providing turnkey services including factory scale, project planning, cost accounting, etc. for all customers who have no experience in manufacturing wire and cable machinery.

Company advantage,

  1. 3. Good after-sales service

Fifteen engineers with passports can install machines abroad, and there are more than 30 successful remote installations under viral conditions.

Polycab Wire Pvt. Limited Company

Polycab plans to adopt a sustainable development program and launch specific products for solar and wind-related applications. We are also working on new technology partnerships for EHV cables and advanced conductors.

We are also considering developing some unique eco-friendly products for the home wire sector. We also provide services for offshore oil and gas rigs and platforms, elevators, military / naval shipping, mining, commercial offshore, nuclear energy markets, airports, aerospace markets, onshore/offshore wind farms, rolling stock, CCTV cameras) And so on.

Stellate Technology Co., Ltd.

Product portfolio and applications:

Telecommunication products and solutions: Prefabricated fiber optics and fiber optic cables, structured data cable system integration

Electrical products and solutions: electrical conductors, HV / EHV power cables, OPGW cables, rods, and fittings, engineered transmission and distribution networks, neural networks

Fiber to house, tower, SMBE

Transmission Network (BOOM): 6 Offroad projects, 5000 km transmission line, 3 substations

Stellate Technology Co., Ltd.

Corporate social responsibility activities:

The company’s CSR activities include virtual classrooms in municipal schools, nursing, tailoring and other vocational courses for the wider community through Sterlite Tech. the base.

New development:

Center for Telecommunication Research and Development Excellence

Demonstrates key innovations for remote data transmission up to 10 terabytes per second.

Finolex Cable Ltd

Insulated 1100V PVC cables – power supply for industrial facilities, wiring of electrical panels and consumer electronics.

PVC insulated cable motor winding and 3-core flat cable – submersible pumps and electric motors.

Car / Battery Cables – Wire harness for the automotive industry and battery cables for various applications.

UPS Cable – Used to power a UPS to computers/devices in a network environment.

Heavy, underground, low voltage, power, and control cables – from mains to point of use.

Heavy, underground, high voltage power cables – urban distribution networks.

Communication cable:

Jelly Cable Telephone Cable (JFTC) – Connects to the switchboard and telephone line.

Finolex Cable Ltd

Local area network (LAN) cables – internal and external networks, voice and data transmission, bandwidth usage.

Telephone Cables with Polyethylene Insulation (Switchboard Cables) – Telephone devices are connected to EPABX.

Coaxial cable – cable TV network solutions, microwave communications, mobile towers.

Optical fiber – is the main raw material of optical cable.

Fiber optic cable – Used in networks that require high bandwidth and high speed to transmit audio, video, and data.

Cable and Wire industry in India

A wire is a sheet of metal used to carry electrical current; a cable, on the other hand, contains many wires inside the plastic or rubber used to carry electrical signals. Copper, aluminum, plastics, and alloys are the materials from which these wires and cables are made. Widely used in defense and natural gas, oil, automobile, and other industries.

The domestic cable and wire industry has seen strong growth over the past five years due to the government’s focus on providing electricity to all and phasing out of the real estate market. The Indian wire and cable market has growth potential of USD 1.65 billion during 2021-2025 and the market will accelerate at a CAGR of 3.80%. The development and investment in infrastructure projects by the government are driving the growth of the wire and cable market in India.

The market is expected to be affected by factors such as growth in renewable energy generation in India, expansion, and modernization of transmission and distribution infrastructure in India, and increasing investments in metros. Rising investments in smart grid projects and upgrading of transmission and distribution systems are also estimated to increase the global demand for wires and cables.



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