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wire and cable manufacturers know that the country with the largest amount of export of wire and cable is the USA. to know the top producers in an industry always provides buyers with the advantage of knowing what direction the prices are heading. It also gives the buyer an insight into the correlation between price and quality.

Although the natural expectation from famous brands and top manufacturers is to present their items at higher prices compared to less well-known names, recently we are noticing an inverse trend. Due to the intense competition among the manufacturers of wire and cable and the fact that if they want to remain among the top best, They have to ensure that they are innovatively coming up with solutions for reducing their prices at the same time as maintaining their high quality.

This strategy gives them the advantage of obtaining a wider range of customers with different financial capabilities. Although this is the current trend in the USA, it is commonly expected that other countries will more or less, and with different time interval lapses follow a similar path.

A good case in point for this is Iran. Where in spite of the great elevations in quality rates, there can be observed some sort of stability in prices. However slow, this trend can herald the beginning of a new era of export and reinforce and invigorate the previously ongoing export market.

wire and cable manufacturers in the USA

the sheer truth that cable and wire manufacturers in the USA have had the lion’s share in the export and import market in the past two decades, makes it necessary for newcomers in the market to study the reasons behind this colossal advancement if they want to follow a similarly fast progress path. In the following lines, you can find a brief introduction of the company Belden which stands out among USA wire and cable manufacturers.


This company was established in 1902. It has got representatives and production sites in the three continents of Asia, the Americas, and Europa. The company’s main grounds are in St. Louis. The range of its products covers network facilities and cable needed for substructure and developmental, and industrial purposes.

they have also set their goals of providing electric wire and cable and associated equipment overseas, particularly in Eastern Europe. In Africa, Belden is faced with a rising challenge.


And that is; Despite the fact that many African countries are in dire need of immediate construction material, wire and cable manufacturers from many countries particularly China and Iran have devoted a concentrated effort to conquer this market, and they have adjusted their production plans to the tone of requirements in the African market, this competition makes consideration of keeping the prices low, vital.

USA wire and cable

as the world’s unrivaled leading country in the manufacture of wire and cable, the USA prides itself in being an Avangard in this industry. It is also a role model for developing countries where the increasing day-to-day accessibility of modern technology makes an increase in production inevitable.

For this reason, we are going to have a quick introduction of Alpha wire company, in the following lines. Alfa wiring is a leading manufacturer of electric cable and wire for communication, power transmission, and urban and industrial construction.

They also produce the auxiliary associated with the wire systems and cable networks. including harnesses, different connectors, plugs, transformers, and many more.

As one of the pioneers of wire and cable manufacturing in the USA Alpha wire company opened in 1930. Since its establishment, it has insisted on keeping quality up in an amazingly wide range of wire and cable applications from industrial machinery in factories to intricate and highly sensitive medical equipment.

USA wire and cable

Among a variety of certifications that Alpha wire company has equipped itself with are Iso9001:2015 they also acquired Iso 1345:2016. In addition to supplying the construction market and industrial infrastructure to the American market, they have also set their target on a big share in the global market. Alpha wire company can serve as an excellent example for third-world bludgeoning wire and cable manufacturing companies to try to get ideas from.

top wire and cable manufacturers use

due to their strictly accurate management system and diligence of engineering workforce, USA wire and cable manufacturers pride themselves on being top of the list with regards to quality and satisfactory customer service.

As these companies are competing for neck and neck and there is a very close competition to keep their heads above the water and remain among the winners in the market, the criterion of success becomes increasingly intricate.

Although very difficult the American association of wire and cable manufacturers recently came up with a list of top companies. Lake cable company in Bensenville is a supplier of wire and cable mostly used in industrial company’s machinery fuse and distribution boxes

top wire and cable manufacturers use.

Although their main area of work covers high and medium voltage cables, their sales of low voltage cables is also considerably high.

It is the first choice for whole sellers who need HVAC cable, broadcast wire and cable, quality cable for communication networks, utility application wire, and cable for distribution networks in cities and residential areas. Of the exclusive privileges that their customers can enjoy is that they can order special color insulation based on their needs. They may also ask for special custom codes required by customs regulations to be printed on the ordered wire and cable.

wire and cable companies in the USA

In order to evaluate the wire and cable producing companies in the USA, the national association of cable and wire manufacturers in America decided to lay out a number of guidelines and criteria. They then gave them 3 months’ time to adjust their manufacturing procedure to those guidelines.

The appraisal that followed produced a list of top wire and cable manufacturing companies. top of the list were companies like Trimark corporation, Philantron wire, cable, and Lutze. Trimark in Los angles new Hampton has chosen to specialize in cable and wire used for electronic automatic doors, rotating doors, escalators, elevators, and lift machines. This strategy of limiting product diversity comes with a number of benefits and drawbacks.

wire and cable companies in the USA

They soon became a household name in the country. Their product was the number one choice for people who wanted to buy a lift or electronic door cable. however, part of the reason was psychological. Proof of this fact is that there were brands equally qualified. on the flip side, they always had to be on the lookout for changes in the limited type of equipment they manufactured.

a case in point for this kind of change is when rotating doors fell out of favor and were replaced by sliding doors. This meant one-quarter of Trimark’s production line had to undergo basic changes to accommodate for the new doors. The American company Trimark has managed to deal with the downsides associated with having a limited product range. so, If you want to follow them in their path, you must likewise prepare yourself to cope with and overcome the difficulties.

wire and cable distributors use

composed of 50 states the USA needs a network of distributors widespread enough to ensure that buyers in all states have adequate access to wire and cable. distributors are mostly separate corporations from manufacturers and often play the role of an intermediate unit between the manufacturing companies and the wholesalers or retailers or even the end user.

This is not to rule out the possibility of manufacturers who have established their own distribution units as is the case with American wire group, or EIS wire and cable. upon a study of the cable and wire prices distributed by these companies around the USA.

wire and cable distributors use



it was found that the price does not differ for the end user and the manufacturing company is in fact enjoying the benefit of increased income.

Companies such as the American wire group, or EIS wire and cable also have a special strategy of procuring and sourcing those items which are not included in their product inventory, from other sources. However, they mention it on their website and the label also indicates a different provenance. All in all, the strategy adds to their credit for being able to provide every item of cable and wire required on the part of the customer.

Belden wire and cable USA

wire and cable industry in every country can be evaluated by looking at its most successful manufacturers, in America for example, Belden wire and cable can quality as a representative of the country’s wire, cable, electrical equipment manufacturing capabilities. Belden has the highest yearly turnover of Belden among the companies of its size.

Belden wire and cable USA

It also credits itself to have the full range of company and quality management certifications and standard requirements instructed by American and European standard associations. In Asia and particularly a country like Iran with numerous cable and wire manufacturing enterprises.

Samawire a company based in Qom with a product gamut ranging from power distribution network grid to different classes of data cable and wire they also provide connections and harness pieces. This company can serve as a good example to showcase what capabilities can be expected from Iranian companies.



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